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West-to-East Gas Transmission Project

As of last Thursday, the main western part of the Second Pipeline of the West-to-East Gas Transmission Project has completed 1812 kilometers of welding, and first welding qualification rate has remained above 98.8%. The eastern trunk line will begin construction soon, China Oil News reports.

The Second Pipeline of the West-to-East Gas Transmission Project is divided into two sections. The western section of trunk line and Jingbian tie-line project started on February 22, 2008. Until February 5 this year, 7 of the 9 tunnels of the western part have been in operation. The greatest control works on the 1st tunnel Guozigou has been digged out with the accumulated 2861 meters, which is planned to complete construction at the end of February. 19 Station project has been in the stage of construction, the first stop of Horgus and Hongliu compressor station has completed the construction of monomers and basic construction in the compressor area.

The eastern section of the Second Pipeline of the West-to-East Gas Transmission Project got all supporting documentation in November 2008, and all preparing units have prepared well. It is understood that the lines of 1121 kilometers and the construction of main building of north of Zaoyang Station will be completed this year. The construction of Shanghai, Nanning, Shenzhen, Xiangtan and Shiyan branch line will be the right time to start. The shielded starting well of Jiujiang Yangtze River control works have been completed, and receiving well has been under construction and has also been shielded tunneling. At present, the total tunneling is 173 meters, which is scheduled to be finished before the end of July 2010.

The latest project progress reports shows that 146,000 mending missions have been completed, the single month record of welding lines reaches 306 kilometers, and the maximum efficiency of a single unit set the national and the world new record in pipeline construction.