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communication > safety epic voice amplifier
communication > safety epic voice amplifier
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Robust person-to-person communications is now possible by the new EPIC Voice Amplifier, a small-profile, simple-to-use voice projection device that transmits strong, clear and crisp voice communications to other nearby respirator users. Contained in a sleek, streamlined package housing the stand-alone EPIC Voice Amplifier permits hands-free communications. Like the former Scott voice amplifier that has served respirator users for nearly 10 years, the new EPIC Voice Amplifier provides a dependable, easy-to-use means of voice communications with added features such as auto shut-off and directional speaker. Voice amplifier users may use hand-held two-way radios for remote communications by simply holding the microphone speaker of the radio against the free left side voicemitter when transmitting.

Voice amplification for clear person-to-person, hands-free communications to other nearby emergency workers.