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Proflow 2 SC Powered Air Purifying Respirator
Proflow 2 SC Powered Air Purifying Respirator
Brand : SCOTT
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Product description:

proflow 2 powered air purifying respirator

? quiet operation

? Built in control system continually monitors status to ensure
adequate air flow

? maintains constant flow of air easily compensating for
filter loading

? sealed body makes unit shower-proof and safely encases battery

? Blower unit is curved to fit the body and is weight balanced for maximum comfort

? high impact resistant casing resists wear and tear

? Blower body is easy to wash and decontaminate

? two 40mm cartridges attach facing downward to prevent ingress of water of contaminant

? microprocessor controlled air flow management constantly displays battery status and air flow status

? audible and flashing alarm warns of low battery

? audible and lashing alarm warns of low air flow which could indicate time to change cartridges

? proflow 2 papr is one of the family of products that supports the top-
down convertibility? feature of the aV-2000? and aV-3000? facepieces