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Airline > Ska-Pak? AT Air Respirator
Airline > Ska-Pak? AT Air Respirator
Brand : SCOTT
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ska-Pak at supplied air respirator

? systems for entry into or escape from hazardous, confined

space, or immediately dangerous to life and health (idlh)


? automatic, hands-free transfer from external air source to

cylinder in the event that the source of air is interrupted

? vibralert? tactical alarm notifies wearer if system has transferred

to cylinder air

? flashing electronic indicator notifies wearer of loss of cylinder

pressure or low cylinder pressure

? choice of 3-, 5-, 10-, or 15-minute duration cylinders

? choice of harness styles

nylon for chemical resistance

kevlar? for high heat environment or where there is

potential for sparking

Full Body for fall protection with integrated respirator