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SCBA > Air-Pak? NxG7? SCBA
SCBA > Air-Pak? NxG7? SCBA
Brand : SCOTT
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Product description:

air-Pak nxg7 scBa

? nfpa 1981, 2007 edition and niosh approved

? cbrn approved

? adaptable platform that accommodates both the av-2000?

and av-3000? facepieces, along with the e-Z flo? and e-Z

flo ii regulators

? top-down convertibility? with both the av-2000 and

av-3000 facepieces

? includes scott’s workhorse e-Z flo? regulator

? one battery pack that powers the electronics system

? patent pending snap-change? cylinder connection that

eliminates the high-pressure hose

? on-the-job-friendly hip-mounted pressure reducer makes

working in the air-pak nxg7 scba easier

? buddy system indicators that indicate to fellow firefighters

your pass status and the status of the air cylinder

? superior comfort back frame and harness system that places

the weight of the scba on the wearer’s hips

? individually replaceable pads and straps

? dual ebss system that allows users to connect in an idlh

environment without having to disconnect their regulators

in addition to providing a means of connection to an external

air source

? multiple end-of-service indicators, including the vibralert?

tactile alarm, visualert heads-up display, and indication on

the buddy system indicators

? the industry’s best warranty - full 3 years on electronics, 10

years on the entire air-pak scba and 15 years on the reducer

? pak-tracker? firefighter locator installed (initiated as an option)

? potted and sealed electronics protects against water infiltration

? streamlined hose management system

? constant-on pressure gauge edge light automatically dims and

brightens the hud (heads-up-display) as environmental

conditions change

? drag rescue loop for removing downed firefighters