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Full Facepiece Respirator > Promask Full Facepiece
Full Facepiece Respirator > Promask Full Facepiece
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Promask Full Facepiece

Scott Safety's Promask is a multi-function full face mask, providing unrivalled comfort and protection against a wide variety of respiratory hazards, suitable for use with Scott Safety Negative Pressure and Powered Air Respirators.

It is lightweight and ergonomically designed for use in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Scott Safety's Promask is available in halo-butyl and silicone, with a choice of two sizes.

Unique, contoured 'T' sealing edge for a comfortable and efficient fit

Available in two sizes

Wide visor and side filter fit to give an unobstructed field of vision

Easy to don and doff

Hard-coated PC visor option for solvent resistance