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System Control > Gemini II
System Control > Gemini II
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The Kidde Gemini II is a versatile fire alarm/suppression control system which can be used in a wide range of applications—from a minimal, stand-alone single-hazard to a large, eight-hazard system with multiple display units. The system is microprocessor-based to offer flexible, modular fire alarm and hazard release for a wide variety of Class A or Class B applications.

As a minimum, a one-hazard system is controlled by one Main Control Panel. The system can be expanded by adding up to seven Remote Hazard Units and up to 16 Remote Display Units. The Main Control Panel and each Remote Hazard Unit controls its own releasing circuit. Each unit accepts inputs from initiating (detecting) devices such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual pull stations and water flow sensors.

Based on pre-programmed instructions—and your own configuration parameters—outputs are generated to release agent or activate a sprinkler system, shutdown equipment and annunciate alarms at the unit and external panels. The agent release sequence can be interrupted from an abort station which can be configured for one of four abort modes.