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How to Clean a Carpet?

Your carpet which once was magnificent, is now all tarnished! your pets have taken up residence on the carpet of the living room and the many passages in shoes have been right the bright colors of your carpet.

You are now wondering how to effectively clean your carpet and regain its original look, without damaging it?

If you are in this situation and you have no steam cleaner or any other device, all is not lost! You will be able to remedy this by following the few tips below, which will help you restore your carpet and all its splendor.

First step: Remove the dust

This indispensable first step is to be carried out with a vacuum cleaner equipped with a brush tip. In addition to dust, you will also be able to eliminate any parasites such as moths or, which nest in the fibers of the carpet or below.

Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is especially important for carpets of some value.

To clean the whole carpet: Soup the whole carpet with soil of springs, natural clay with strong staining. Allow the powder to work overnight and then vacuum the next day.

For the treatment of a partial stain: If your carpet has just been stained (by wine for example), you must immediately:

Blot the stain with absorbent paper
Then sprinkle with earth from the springs of the periphery of the stain towards its center, so as to prevent the stain from spreading. Do not rub, allow the powder to act on the spot for a few hours at least.
Vacuum the next morning, using the vacuum cleaner brush nozzle.

You can also use sodium bicarbonate for a general or partial cleaning of your carpet, in the same way as the above steps. Sodium bicarbonate will also remove the bad odors from your carpet. After suction after one night and if localized spots persist, you can mix a small cup of hot water with 2 large spoons of baking soda then soak a sponge with this mixture and rub lightly on the stain for a few minutes, Always from the periphery towards the inside of the spot (to prevent it from spreading).

Little grandmother’s tip: sprinkle the tea leaves (after being used but still wet) and then suck the next morning. The result is guaranteed to eliminate stubborn odors.

Other tips to remember

In the first instance, we advise you to start with a dry cleaning for your carpet.
Well read the instructions of the products used for cleaning!
Before cleaning a carpet with a liquid product, always make a test in a corner to see if the colors are stable (the carpets sold in the West have the colors less fixed than those of the real oriental carpets).
When treating a localized spot, begin by spraying from the perimeter to the center, to avoid the stain spreading, or privilege a complete cleaning of the carpet to avoid this kind of inconvenience!
Do not wash your carpet at large water because it will have a hard time drying afterwards.
If you are using a steam cleaner, try washing your carpet only with water vapor (no cleaning solution) by wiping dirt from the carpet with a clean cloth. It’s more green and less aggressive for the fibers of your carpet 😉!